Unmasking Sorrow
  • My year starts now because every moment I wait is another moment lost. I'm living 365 days of the lessons I'm learning from the podcast 'Zencast' an Audio Dharma/IMC production. My practice is not only for myself but also research for the novel I'm writing. All in all, living wisely isn't a bad way to spend a year, don't you think?

In the fight of Ego vs. Empathy, Ego apparently wins.

Gil Fronsdal – Empathy I’m struggling with empathy right now. If I sit for a moment and use my imagination, I can logically figure out what’s really going on, but it still hurts someone in the process: me. My thoughts have been tangled up in what’s not fair a lot since the accident. And there … Continue reading

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Winter trees


I have time to write this post because I’m waiting for the house to heat up. It’s currently 81 degrees and I need it to be at least 90 in here so that I can practice Bikram yoga. I don’t normally practice at home, but then I’m not normally so absent-minded. It’s funny how one … Continue reading

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I’ve been experiencing some aches and pains recently. No doubt due to the fact that I started a daily Bikram practice after about 8 months of hardly any exercise. A week into Bikram I then started cycling EVERYWHERE: to work, to yoga, home. All in all, my legs haven’t been too happy with me, the … Continue reading

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Winter Trees at Sunset

A Bikram High

I’m floating through the days at the moment. Even when things get stressful and too much to handle I pretty much take so long to react that the situations solve themselves or simply pass me by. I can only attribute this to Bikram now that I’m on day 18 of my 60 day challenge. Being … Continue reading

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