Day 66 – 42

I may have the answers, but what are the questions?

Zencast 66 – The Art of Questioning Often the answer is not as important as the question, like in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy when Deep Thought gives the people the answer to the great question of life, the universe and everything – 42. Not very helpful when you don’t know what that question … Continue reading

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Day 65 – All Yin and No Yang

Finding Balance

Zencast 65 – Life Balance I’m out of balance. I’m all yin and no yang. How do I know this? Let me think back to yesterday’s frustrated rant and the tears that spiked my eyes as I wrote. What was happening? At the time I pretended I didn’t know, but I knew deep down that … Continue reading

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Day 64 – The Raw Unedited Moment of Suffering (Warning – this is not a perfectly written or edited blog post!)

The Present Moment

Zencast 64 – Present Moment and The Power of Choice I’m neck deep in writing projects this last week of April and it’s bringing up many issues for me. I’m angry and resistant to nothing more than the act of having to do so much. Yet I love it. I enjoy writing and know that … Continue reading

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Day 63 – Death and the Blues from Kusala Bhikshu Part 2 of 2


Zencast 63 – An Interview with Kusala Bhikshu Pt 2 (Video) The following video was actually a part of the Zencast video I watched yesterday where Kusala Bhikshu talks about Buddhism in America in the future. —– The video below is the second part of the talk where Kusala Bhikshu plays the blues and talks … Continue reading

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