Day 77 – Take a break – you’re worth it!

A Place of Peace

Zencast 77 – Mini-Relaxation Break (Guided Meditation)

A Place of Peace

I needed a mini-relaxation break today. Actually I could have done with a LARGE one, but considering I only lasted 5 minutes in this meditation I don’t know if I could lasted for much longer anyway. I felt agitated, fidgety, hot and bothered.

It’s coming towards the end of term in the college where I work and we’re really wading into the summer heat now. Today is was 42°C and it’s supposed to be 47°C on Saturday (sorry, I can’t figure out Fahrenheit, all I know is 90° LOL and it’s WAAAY hotter than 90° out here). Welcome to summer!

Because I’m finishing my contract in September I’m not allowed to take a vacation (anyone with half a brain leaves this place during the summer months because the heat and humidity are unbearable!) therefore I will be working throughout the hottest summer months until I get a week off for Eid Al Fitr. OMG!

The thought of it exhausts me and I’m already pretty wiped out. This is when practice is the most important thing for me to focus on. Without practice, at times like these, I find it harder to relax and wind down at the end of the day. I also start getting sick because I don’t sleep as well without daily meditation.

One thing I also noticed during the meditation today was that I REALLY need to get back into my yoga (I keep saying that and it still hasn’t happened!). The entire right side of my body felt as stiff as a board today and my back is beginning to kill me with too much sitting in front of computers.

There are so many little warning signs that we are given throughout the day telling us to slow down and take better care of our minds and our bodies, but when the signs are small they’re easier to brush off until they become a massive problem like a slipped disk or an emotional breakdown.

With four HOT HOT HOT summer months of work coming up I can’t afford to ignore the small signs. Thanks to Zencast I have the tools at hand to take breaks, even if they are only for five minutes of the day. Those five minutes of relaxation can be the saving grace.

Don’t forget to take time out to take care of yourself, even if it is only 1 minute of your day. You are that important!


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