Day 94 – Abre Los Ojos

Abre Los Ojos

Abre Los Ojos

Zencast 94 – Waking Up

I’m off to my Spanish class tonight. We’re learning the subjunctive (wish me luck! ahhh). I’m always exhausted at the end of our two-hour class because we’re using so much of our brain that normally sits dormant or on auto-pilot.

Taking a class in anything new wakens you up. You discover new worlds that you never knew possible. You use your mind in ways you didn’t think you could. You see your life from a different perspective.

When I was a young teenager I used to love lying on the floor, staring up at the ceiling. I could lie there for hours thinking about life. It’s funny how the simple act of getting low to the ground somehow helped me to create new worlds and ideas for myself.

Nowadays I get low to the ground through my yoga practice and meditation. New worlds and ways of seeing open up to me from these activities. They allow me to change and grow by checking in to see where I am in the moment. I begin to see the true nature of my inner emotions. I can’t hide from myself or the truth of now.

I may not be well on my way to waking up as the Buddha did, but I’m exploring new avenues in which to keep opening the crack in my mind ever so slightly. No doubt it will take a long time to get anywhere significant with my awakening, but I’m loving the journey and hope that continues on long after this year is done.

So, abre los ojos. Keep looking around you. Keep discovering. Keep living. You never know what you might find on the other side of this reality we know as life.


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