Day 127 – Distracted Awareness

Lazy Drive

Zencast 126 – Awareness Practices for Home, Work and Play: Qualities of a Good Human Being It’s been one of those days: Mom and I were about to head off to the store to pick up some much-needed groceries. As I was throwing out the trash she backed into another one of our cars, scratching … Continue reading

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Day 126 – Before realization we practice. After realization we practice.


Zencast 125 – The Seven Stages of Purification ‘The inner tangle and the outer tangle – This generation is entangled in a tangle. And so I ask of Gotama this question: Who succeeds in disentangling this tangle?’  (S,i,13) From The Path of Purification (Vipassana Meditation and the Buddha’s Teachings) written by Bhadantacariya Buddhaghosa, translated by … Continue reading

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Day 125 – Back to the cushion I go.

The Calm Observer

Zencast 124 – Catching Suffering Before it Begins My body starts to shake as my pulse quickens and my heart contracts, causing the beats to reverberate through my every cell. I sit quietly at the back and watch. I begin to observe the thoughts of worthlessness, rage, frustration, sadness, self-pity and confusion. As I watch … Continue reading

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Day 124 – Hello, Angela?

Please Answer MINDFULLY!

Zencast 123 – Calling Yourself “Ange, are you there?” Echos around the room… “Yes, I’m here.” Then silence. Am I really there? Am I really ready for whatever is coming from the other end of that phone line? We’ve all had that phone call that changes our lives forever, whether for good or for bad. … Continue reading

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