Day 127 – Distracted Awareness

Lazy Drive

Zencast 126 – Awareness Practices for Home, Work and Play: Qualities of a Good Human Being

It’s been one of those days:

  • Mom and I were about to head off to the store to pick up some much-needed groceries. As I was throwing out the trash she backed into another one of our cars, scratching both bumpers and breaking the tail light of the car she was driving. We both thought, ‘Oh, no. How could this have happened?’ and then mom admitted she’d been distracted by the loud music coming out the radio and was busy turning it down as she was reversing. We laughed and took a breath.
  • I asked mom if she wanted me to bake the potatoes for dinner. She asked me to cut them up and boil them for mash at which point I washed them, punctured them with a fork and stuck them in the microwave for baking. Only four minutes in did I realize and took them out, at which point I peeled (or more like pulled) the skin off and mom asked me what on earth I was doing. I laughed and quietly asked myself, ‘Angela, are you here?’
  • Mom then searched in the cupboard for the gravy for dinner only to find that a bag of rice she had freshly opened had spilled all over the inside of the cupboard. We sighed and shook our heads.

Nothing life threatening. Nothing disastrous. All symptoms of distracted minds.

Somedays it doesn’t matter how many times I ask myself, ‘Angela, are you here?’

Somedays I still drift off into the space of my thoughts.

It’s times like these you just have to let go and realize that life has a way of taking over and the best thing to do is realize you’re distracted and be willing to mindfully inspect why on the cushion.

Hopefully that is the most distracted that we’ll get today. As they say things come in threes. But there are still a few hours left today. Let’s hope I stick around!


2 Responses to “Day 127 – Distracted Awareness”
  1. pamela says:

    oh how I know this feeling! Thank you for the reminder to be compassionate and aware.

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