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  • Day 157 – Revolution!


    Zencast 157 – Loving Kindness – Part 1 The more you try to erase me, the more that I appear. – Thom Yorke on The Eraser Yesterday night I had an epiphany of sorts. It’s funny how I get my most fruitful insight when things start going wrong! Thankfully I was able to see the … Continue reading

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    Day 156 – Mindless Awareness

    What is there

    Zencast 156 – Appreciating What Is There Mindfulness went out of the window this weekend, although I was aware of it. I dropped my dad off at the airport and then it all went downhill. Why do I have this tendency to abuse myself when left to my own devices with no one else to … Continue reading

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    Day 155 – Skills for Life

    Handy Man

    Zencast 155 – Skillful Means Although it was never my dream job, teaching has done nothing if not taught me way more about people than I ever though I could learn. There are many aspects of life and human behavior that can appear a mystery until you get a group of people into a room … Continue reading

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    Day 154 – Living It Like It Is


    Zencast 154 – 30 min. Guided Meditation: Confidence and the Breath The digital realm doesn’t need to sleep or eat – you do. Publishing in hunger or anger means your hunger and anger may rule your piece. You recover from your emotions; search engines don’t forget emotional missives. Experience tellers rule their verbal domains. – Gwen … Continue reading

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