Day 188 – I’m grateful…

I'm grateful...

Zencast 188 – Mindfulness of Speaking – Part 7 When times get tough, when difficulties become insurmountable, when it’s easy to give up, I’ve always encountered someone who tells me to look at the glass as being half full. I’ve been told to look at the upside and that having a positive outlook will get … Continue reading

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Day 187 – Silence as Teacher


Zencast 187 – Mindfulness of Speech – Part 6 Tomorrow is a significant day in two ways. First of all, it’s the first day of Eid Al Fitr and although I didn’t spend the holy month of Ramadan fasting like Muslims do, I did get a five-day holiday out of it and I’m very thankful … Continue reading

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Day 186 – Mindfully Written Speech

A blooming lotus flower  isolate

Zencast 186 – Mindfulness of Speaking – Part 5 Hello! How are you? Is there anything you need today that I may be able to provide? Feel free to comment truthfully below :) The Truth I’m sorry. I wrote a whole post about the ways in which practitioners can speak mindfully and how it related … Continue reading

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Day 185 – The Guiding Principles of Mindful Speech


Zencast 185 – Mindfulness of Speaking – Part 4 One of the hardest things to stay mindful of is our speech. The best starting point for being mindful of anything is on the cushion meditating. The more we sit and study our minds while in meditation the more aware we are of our internal states … Continue reading

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