Day 178 – Always Walk Completely Through The Door

The Open Door

Zencast 178 – Seven Factors of Awakening

Always walk completely through each door… and you will find the peace you are seeking.

4 Responses to “Day 178 – Always Walk Completely Through The Door”
  1. Devo says:

    Wow! great picture with good caption. I think we can also take in other way concerning on good (postive) and bad (negative). We always wanted goodness in our life and when something bad things happen with us. We really get lost with our problems, emotions or depression, instead of understanding or aware of the truths. Like good and bad are natural for our life. When there is good, bad too arise; and when there bad, good too arise.
    As old sayings goes “Always…the coin will have two side”
    So, try to glance from both side, which makes us to be perfect.

    • Thanks! That is a good point. It’s about accepting all that we are, good and bad, and continuing on. When we fight the bad, we just end up fighting ourselves. Perfection truly is accepting ourselves for all we really are. Thanks for sharing Devo :D

  2. Mara Rose says:

    Beautiful photographs and comments. Doing anything halfway gets us a halfway result.

    • Gil Fronsdal often speaks about how he practiced being present and mindful by making sure he was connected to the moment when he walked through a doorway. It’s such a great practice especially because we don’t always know what’s on the other side of the door so it’s important to arrive in the next room/ space with an open and present approach.

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