Day 218 – Dreaming BIG


Zencast 216 – The Sound Of Silence There really is no way to know or fully comprehend the master plan that is life as it opens itself out in front of us. So, why do I struggle everyday to do just that? As you may have noticed I’m taking part in the Fall 2011 session … Continue reading

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Day 217 – Baby Spit, Dog Slobber and Those Big Blue Eyes

Baby Spit

Zencast 217 – Peaceful Mind Today I learned just how difficult it is for me to give myself a break. I started out in a bad mood when my niece immediately wanted into my room as soon as she woke up. But then I noticed how happy she was to see me and suddenly I … Continue reading

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Day 216 – Raw, Open, Ready to Begin Again


Zencast 214 – The Three Paths of Buddhist Practice My ego has taken a hit. I feel like a surgeon has opened me up, moved around my internal organs and then left me open on the table for the world to see. I move in and out of emotions: back and forth, up and down, … Continue reading

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Day 215 – The sky was so blue…

And the sky was so blue...

I woke up late with jobs to apply for, shops to buy stuff in, phones to order and life to get started. Instead I found I was missing a few essential items needed for living… So, I got dressed, ate one of my last Omani dates (actually I think it was Emirati) and left the … Continue reading

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