Day 254 – Attention To Detail


Zencast 251 – Introduction to Meditation – Class 3 “Look at the clouds! Look at the clouds!” Jordi shouted from the back seat of the car. I looked up towards the cloudy blue sky as Momma did her best to keep her eyes on the road. “The clouds gone bye-bye Momma. Bye-bye clouds. See you … Continue reading

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Day 253 – The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room

Zencast 250 – Introduction to Meditation – Class 2 I walked in. To my left was a man sitting, waiting. To my right a couple sat filling in forms as their male friend looked on. Straight ahead sat a woman, not unlike myself, avoiding eye contact with the room. I headed first to the desk, … Continue reading

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Day 252 – Happy 87th Birthday Grandpa. Rest In Peace.


Zencast 249 – Introduction to Meditation – Class 1 I didn’t go to the Zen center today. I didn’t meditate. I wasn’t especially focused on being mindful. My head was in the clouds. I was thinking of ‘him’. Planning for what is to come around, only interrupted by what was happening in the present. I … Continue reading

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Day 251 – Every Ending Is A New Beginning


Zencast 248 – What The Buddha Taught On Love I’ve experienced a lot of endings recently: The end of my job and time in Oman. The end of a period in my life when I could write when I wanted, drive where I wanted when I wanted, and basically be very selfish about my wants … Continue reading

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