Day 254 – Attention To Detail


Zencast 251 – Introduction to Meditation – Class 3

“Look at the clouds! Look at the clouds!” Jordi shouted from the back seat of the car.

I looked up towards the cloudy blue sky as Momma did her best to keep her eyes on the road.

“The clouds gone bye-bye Momma. Bye-bye clouds. See you tomorrow!”

So much curiosity. So much optimism. So much attention to the details of life all around us.

I’ve been paying attention to the way my nieces interact with the world, and while one of my nieces is going to be turning three in 11 days, her way of interacting with the world isn’t much different from her six-month-old sister Ryanne, nor from when she was ‘just two’.

There’s a lot of staring and gazing and taking all the details in. This is the way baby Ryanne watches me as I pull funny faces at her whenever she wakes up. The only thing that has changed recently is that at the ripe old age of 6 months she’s grabbing more for things – for my hair, for my nose, for the table mats, for the food in her bowl.

Those two little girls, so enamored are they by the world that everything is about the senses – the touch, the taste, the smell, the sight, the sound. Even when those senses do not yield something pleasant, the experience is there, molding them for the future.

Ryanne rolls around on the floor, grabbing onto her toes. Jordi twirls around on her toes, feeling the sensation of her dress as it floats up around her arms. Ryanne tastes her toys, her hands, her clothes, the floor. Jordi flails her hair around as we dance in the livingroom as if she is Rapunzel letting down her golden hair.

Both of them make strange guttural gargle noises that lead me to believe they are drowning and cause me miniature heart attacks until I realize they’re only experimenting with sounds and the reactions they get from making them. Other times, there are high-pitched screaming matches, like the time when we tried to get Jordi into a pair of stretch jeans. L-O-L!

But Princesses don’t wear jeans, Momma.

Even when it’s cold outside, like today, the two of them are ripping of their coats, shoes and socks, enjoying the sensation of the brisk air across their skin. Luckily, they’re both warm-blooded creatures because if they were anything like me they’d have gotten pneumonia ten times over by now.

How I wish to spend as much of my day in sensation as these two little beauties do. How I wish I could remember to appreciate the feeling of a gust of air against my eyes, rather than pull on my sunglasses with annoyance. How I wish I could roll around on the ground, feeling the earth support me, without worrying about getting my clothes dirty. How I wish I could taste a banana for the first time, my lips pouting at the experience, having only eaten rice cereal and milk before.

Such treasurable first times. So many more firsts to experience. So much to teach me about living with Beginner’s Mind.

May I never stop learning from those experiencing this life as if for the very first time.



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