Day 276 – One Day

One day

Zencast 273 – Social Equanimity

All it takes is one day:

  • One day of not writing to create a struggle when I sit down to write today.
  • One day of spending time with family, laughing and smiling, to turn my stress into relaxation.
  • One day of dancing to Wii‘s Just Dance 4 to realize how much I miss exercising and that I need to start working out again.
  • One day of rich food (and lots of it) to send my body into shock.
  • One day of playing with my three-year-old niece to improve our relationship.
  • One day of conversation to appease my troubled mind.
  • One day of planning and organizing to realize I can take control over almost everything I’ve been worrying about lately.
  • One day of Hangout with friends all over the world to realize there are always new and wonderful people to connect with.

It’s so easy to lose sight of what we want from life, or how to get what we want out of life. The great thing is that it only takes one day to turn that all around. In fact it really only takes one moment – the moment in which we change our thinking and realize a whole new world of possibilities surrounds us.

Today I’m thankful for the one day I had with my family yesterday, which helped clarify so much for me. I’m also grateful for all the tiny moments within that day when I was mindful enough to stay present and know that impermanence allows anything to be possible (even though I would rather have done anything else than write this post today – the struggle continues!).




2 Responses to “Day 276 – One Day”
  1. jillsalahub says:

    One of the most powerful teachings of Buddhism for me is that every moment is the opportunity to begin again. Namaste.

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