Day 319 – Two Quotes and Lots of Forgiveness


Zencast 316 – Keeping It Real

This quote was waiting in my inbox from today:

Gentle Meditation

Although we are not often taught this, the most skillful way through an impasse in meditation is to become aware of it and of what holds it together and keeps it running. To do this, you need to keep doing the meditation instructions that have gotten you to this point, but instead of following them “harder,” try approaching them in a softer, gentler manner. Do them loosely, and don’t do them all of the time.

– Jason Siff, “The Problem with Meditation Instructions”
Read the entire article in the Tricycle Wisdom Collection

Then Noah Levine quoted the Buddha or his dad (I forget who exactly) with this in today’s Zencast:

It doesn’t matter how long you have forgotten, it matters how soon you remember.

And I realized there’s a lot I need to forgive myself for, especially the fact that in starting this year-long blog I expected there to be some kind of major change by the end of it. And there have been small changes along the way. And I’m sure there will be more, but it takes a lot of ego to think that one year of practice and meditation can do all that much to change a person. And there I go… beating myself up again.

I guess my best bet would be to follow the Dalai Lama’s guidelines for evaluating practice by only checking in to see how I’m doing every 10 years. That doesn’t seem too hard to do! The question is, if I forget to practice only a few days after making a commitment to meditation, how on earth am I going to remember to check in with my practice in 10 years time! LOL!



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