Day 323 – Spread The Joy


Zencast 320 – Making Peace Among All


I seem to have a lot of that right now. And it grows by the day.

Everywhere I look I’m being told how to find it:

The more you can be happy for another’s success the more you open yourself to receiving the same. – Kute Blackson via Facebook

I was also told this by Hal Croasmun in my first teleconference for my new ScreenwritingU course. (LOVE IT)

It wasn’t always easy for me to be happy for others. I felt that their happiness and success was detracting from mine as things got worse for me, or stayed the same, rather than got better. Where I got the idea that someone else’s success said something negative about me, I have no idea. I just know I practiced that thought process for years. I PERFECTED it. Until I was miserable and I couldn’t understand why.

But something about meditation opened me up. No matter how resistant I often felt I began to feel happy for others’ successes despite myself. The more I practiced, the harder it was to keep my heart closed to positivity and joy in the world around me.

I’m grateful for this change in my thinking, my heart and my reactions to others. This has been a great life gift that I wish I could bestow upon others. In actual fact, I now find the opposite to be true, as Kute pointed out. The more I find happiness and joy in the success of others, the more success and joy I receive in my life. Maybe this is because I find more success in my life that I previously ignored because it wasn’t ‘successful enough’. Maybe it’s because I was harboring so much negativity that I was sending that out into the world around me and therefore inviting negativity back into my life.

What I know for sure is that it’s never to late to start celebrating others, no matter the outcome. For even if their good luck does not come back to you, at least you will have found more joy in your life by sharing joy with others.



Here is a great example of what I’m talking about.

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