Day 329 – Sugar High, Unhappy Low


Zencast 326 – The Natural Law of Cause and Effect

I thought I’d get back into exercise today after realizing that my poor sleeping patterns are related to my lack of exercise. I got changed and got jumping only a half an hour after eating nearly a whole packet of skittles and drinking 3/4 of a bottle of Dr. Pepper. Needless to say I had to stop about half way in for fear of throwing up.

This has never happened to me when exercising before, but then I had been taking much better care of myself when exercising in the past.

I did start yesterday cooking myself healthy and nutritious meals, but for some reason ended back in the snack aisle at the supermarket browsing for high-sugar snacks.

I’m going through a destructive phase in which I crave everything I ‘shouldn’t’ be eating. I’d love to sink my teeth into a juicy burger or devour a plate of cheesy Cheetos. But when I think about Earthlings and how bad I used to feel after eating dairy, I can’t bring myself to do it. So, instead I reach for the Skittles (my new sugary snack of choice) or a bag of Baked Lays and salsa.

I’m fighting myself. I’m fighting health. I’m fighting my cravings. I’m fighting myself when I give into my cravings and I’m doing everything I don’t want to be doing, even though I know it will bring me no happiness.

I’m a bit off course, as happens when I get emotional and fight against the present moment. I know I will get back on track again soon. It’s just going to take some time and acceptance.

In actual fact, maybe that’s the key. When I accept fully and truly what is going on in this present moment with myself then I can accept happiness for myself and stop all this insane sugar craving.

Whatever it is that’s causing this negative behavior, I’m the only one that can solve it for myself so it’s important I take the time to do what it takes to get back to happiness.

What do you do to get yourself back to happiness when you find yourself off track?


9 Responses to “Day 329 – Sugar High, Unhappy Low”
  1. I can so relate to your post (as always). I am a massive sugar junkie. Tea (with 2 sugars), coffee (with 3), softdrinks, lollies etc. All in a normal day. For me it causes significant anxiety, and loss of sleep. I wake up in the morning, feeling distressed, then reach for (more) sugar to make me feel better. A vicious circle.

    Thank you for sharing your experience ♥

    • Vicious is right! Glad you could relate, although I wish neither of us could so we could get off of our drug of choice! There was an article in the news recently about scientists calling for sugar to be banned for kids like alcohol and cigarettes because the affect of sugar on the body is just as harmful!

  2. annisik51 says:

    Make sure there’s nothing physically wrong, won’t you? Get a blood test?
    And I can recommend Julia Cameron’s advice in ‘The Writing Diet’. (She’s the author of ‘The Artist’s Way’ of course). When you get the craving, instead of eating, you write about it. It’s a VERY revealing practice!

    If I don’t do my Morning Pages (journal first thing every day), my day won’t go right! Wish I followed my own advice more often!

    The Skittles are now in the past! (Never heard of them mind you but I suppose they’re the poisonous looking things in your photos!


    • Thanks Ann! I’ll look into that book. I heard of it, but never read it. Great idea though. You are right with those pages, which is something I have been ignoring for a while too. Funny how everything gets out of whack when you let one little practice go!
      Appreciate the advice :)

  3. Pamela says:

    Forgive yourself for being a learner in this lifetime. Tell yourself it’s OK. Xoxoxo

  4. Pamela says:


    Forgive yourself for being a learner in this lifetime. Ask yourself what’s really going on and acknowledge how hard you’re working and how strong you are to handle all you are handling.

    • Oh Pam. Thanks for that! You are so right. I’m truly a baby when it comes to forgiveness of myself and often others too. Thanks for this reminder. It brought tears to my eyes. Love how you wrote this just a few days after telling me I was in such a good place. How things change while staying the same :D P.S. I’m so happy you’ll be a couple states closer to me! I may have to come visit you in North Carolina if I get myself more sorted out! xxx

  5. Thanks for the post. The first thing I do is take my journal, get in the car and go to the beach. Just looking at the water and writing is my perfect recipe and I feel better every time.

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