Day 328 – Chasing Happiness


Zencast 325 – Investigating Happiness There are ways of being and thinking and doing that get me into my head and drive me slowly crazy. It often relates back to my lack of acceptance for the way things are in the moment. However, I’ve gotten to a stage in my life where it’s easier for … Continue reading

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Day 327 – Mind The Gap


Zencast 324 – Mindfulness and the Path I accept that along the path I will have to overcome a rock or two that may seem insurmountable at the time. I accept that I may suffer as I try to figure out how best to approach the problem and that it will take faith to continue … Continue reading

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Day 326 – Day of Truths

Admit the truth

Zencast 323 – The Four Noble Truths My four noble truths today are: 1. I am tired. 2. I am spent. 3. I am blue. 4. Everything in this moment is okay. Sometimes you’ve just got to admit the truth and sit with it until it changes into another truth. May you have a blessed … Continue reading

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Day 325 – At It Again


Zencast 322 – Listening to the Dharma I get really confident in my practice. I see myself applying the teachings and using them to my benefit in life. I find myself being happier and more joyful than ever before. And then I talk on the phone to my brother. And the snarky, know-it-all, you-should-do-it-my-way, why-do-you-always-do-that, … Continue reading

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