Day 335 – The Wisdom of April Fools


Zencast 332 – Offering & Allowing

You didn’t really think I would quit, did you? :) APRIL FOOLS!

I admit, my post was rather late (into April 2nd) for an April Fools joke, but I couldn’t resist and I thought it would be a great lesson for us all.

My April Fools jokes are normally pretty tame and I’m incredibly gullible. Every year on April 1st I fall for multiple jokes, especially on Facebook. This year I decided to turn the tables and announced I was having a girl. Of course, I hadn’t mentioned a relationship or even a pregnancy, but this didn’t stop multiple people from congratulating me. This was an amazing gift. It made me realize how many people out there are happy for the joys in my life.

I remember a time when no matter who posted what on Facebook, if it was something positive I would feel depressed, insecure and jealous of the joy in their lives. I couldn’t find much good in my life at that time. I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Anything positive for someone else would feel like a negative for me.

Thankfully this reaction has changed over the years as I’ve learned to appreciate more in my life, and the more I find to be thankful for in my life, the more I feel joy for the joy in other people’s lives.

What are the joys in my life right now? Thankfully there are multiple joys, and the more I am grateful for, the more joys I find.

One of the greatest joys is practicing Buddhism and writing this blog. So, why did I write a post saying I was quitting? Well, I now have less than 30 posts until this project is over. I’ve often found that when I get 95% of the way towards a goal, I give up on it out of fear and insecurity. Yet, at no point on this writing journey have I ever wanted to give up on this blog. Of course, there have been times when it has been late at night, I have been tired or I haven’t found enough time to write a post for the day. However, I’ve always found a way to work around it and continue on. In my mind this signifies just another one of the many changes I’ve been through this ‘year’.

I’m beginning to believe in myself more and more. I’m beginning to accept myself more fully, understand my weaknesses and focus on my strengths. Like my friend told me yesterday after he freaked out about my Facebook April Fools joke, “You’re acting like a kid”. ABSOLUTELY! I love being a big kid at heart. I love enjoyed the moment and doing what brings me happiness and joy. How am I able to do this now after years of being angry and cynical? One way and one way only – by watching my mind.

What’s another great way to watch your mind? Fall for April Fools jokes – the good and the bad. Watch how your mind reacts when you hear something positive about the lives of others. Watch how your mind reacts when you hear about the negative in their lives. For example, my sister-in-law told me that one year her dad called her on the phone and left a message saying she should call him because her mom was in the hospital. She immediately called her dad back and he proceeded to tell her that her mom had fallen down the stairs and had been taken to the hospital. Naturally, my sister-in-law started crying and only at that point did her dad tell her ‘April Fools!’.

While I thought that this was an incredibly cruel April Fools joke, I also realized it is a great way to practice watching your mind. How many chances do we get to really test our minds and their reactions to different situations? In my case there haven’t been many. So, as much as April Fools can drive people crazy, from now on I’m going to use that day as a day for deep practice where I find out how far along the path I am and then focus more on the things I need to work on.

Are you a fan of April Fools day? What has been the best prank you’ve ever pulled, or had pulled on you? And if you’re willing to share: what was your reaction to my post about quitting? Did it give you any helpful insight into the workings of your mind?



4 Responses to “Day 335 – The Wisdom of April Fools”
  1. anda says:

    I am gullible enough to think you were having a very bad moment that I hope would pass! Glad it wasn’t true that you were giving up!

    • Hehe, thanks Anda. To be honest, the post was very reminiscent of the person I was when I started this journey. It was funny to write it sounding so like myself, but knowing it was very little like myself today :)

  2. Pamela says:

    Oh good! I was worried and wasn’t sure how to respond!! Phew!!

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