Day 338 – The Raccoon In My Backyard


Zencast 335 – Loving Kindness – Part 3

I really do live in my own bubble a lot of the time. I go about my life and my business with an idea of the world around me that often ends up to be as far from the truth as you can get.

Take today for example. We had been playing in the backyard with my niece when my brother decided to pull some broken branches down off one of the large trees. After the broken branches were pulled down we stood under the tree and planned some ideas for swings that we could set up on an iron pole someone had attached to two of the trees previously.Then we went back into the house.

Only about 30 minutes later did I notice a HUGE raccoon waddling about the backyard poking around for grubs as I pottered about the house.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’ve never seen a raccoon up close and personal before and certainly not in my backyard. We watched it for about 15 minutes as it grabbed a few more tasty morsels before climbing up the tree we had been standing under minutes before.

I have neighbors with dogs on both sides of me, so my garden must have been a safe haven for my new-found backyard creature, but I wondered how long the raccoon had been hanging around. Then I remembered. Late at night I often heard loud noises on the roof, but had simply chalked it up to squirrels jumping around the trees. How wrong I must have been! That raccoon has been my backyard neighbor for quite some time now and frequently jumps around the roof at night, scaring me half to death often. Who would have thought I’d have had such a creature living in the trees high above me and that I would have had no clue until my brother obviously disturbed it with his tidy up in the backyard!

The raccoon didn’t seem rabid or anything, thank goodness, but it has made me think twice about hanging about in the backyard knowing it’s hanging out above my head. Yet, it got me thinking about how much we are oblivious to that is happening right under our noses. How much in our daily life are we blind to that also lives with the consequences of our actions? If I cut down that tree tomorrow, where would that raccoon go? What would happen to its safe haven away from dogs and humans that might want to kill it?

What am I doing everyday that is affecting others that I’m totally oblivious to? How can I open my eyes to the raccoons in my life more often, especially when they are completely hidden from view?



6 Responses to “Day 338 – The Raccoon In My Backyard”
  1. He is a cutie! :-). It’s a great point though, and one I am guilty of. Being so introspective and wrapped up in my own thoughts and world that I lose sight of the bigger world around me. If I become mindful of it, I try to ‘reframe’ and shift my focus and awareness. It’s a really wonderful feeling too :-)

  2. He’s a cute little guy! I love it when nature surprises me with visitors. I think you are on the right path in trying to think more about how your actions effect others in order to become more aware, and prevent harm, even if the harm was inadvertent, which goes right to the heart of the Buddha’s teachings on doing no harm.

  3. Gilraen says:

    Isn’t it lovely that your backyard is a safe haven for another creature. An unexpected guest yes, but also a new neighbour.

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