Day 350 – The Manifestation and Non-Manifestation of Tupac


Zencast 347 – Law of Karma

If you haven’t already seen this video, then you’re probably one of the few people who hasn’t. This video has been circulating everywhere and is one hot topic of the moment. Check it out here if you have no idea what I’m talking about.

Why has this event created such a stir? Why was the crowd so subdued and quiet as they watched Tupac perform on a 2012 Coachella stage?

My guess is because they (and all other subsequent viewers of the video, including myself) were witnessing science play out in real life. They were watching manifestation and non-manifestation being proven before their very eyes. They were given a glimpse of the reality that there is no birth and no death.

‘Whatever’, might be the first thoughts in some of your minds, but think about it. Wasn’t that Tupac up there? Okay, it was a hologram of Tupac, but without Tupac that would have been a hologram of nothing *. His being, his energy had to be manifested in order to create a hologram of him, just as my energy would have to be manifested if it was a hologram of me. Without some form of manifestation that hologram couldn’t exist. We needed Tupac in order to create that hologram.

I may be alone on this, but this Tupac event helped me understand much more clearly the concept of manifestation and non-manifestation that Pema Chodron explains in her book Start Where You Are‘. It helped me understand that while conditions might not be present in order for Tupac to be alive in the here and now, he is still very much here with us and we can recreate him, his energy, his being in holographic form. And isn’t this world just one giant hologram anyway? With the inherent nature of everything being empty while at the same time being energy forms that either manifest or don’t, everything we see in front of us is a hologram. This computer is a hologram. This desk my computer sits upon is a hologram. Even the fingers I type this with are holograms. They are not independent of everything around me, and neither are they independent of the time and conditions throughout the lifespan of the universe that have allowed my conditions to manifest so that I am here now in this present moment writing about Tupac and emptiness.

There are those who think the Tupac hologram was cool. There are others who find it disturbing. Either way, couldn’t this be because they were seeing right in front of them that the very nature of the mind is not what society and culture tell us it is?

If Tupac was really standing in front of the crowd at Coachella in holographic form, singing and moving around on stage, then there’s no way he could really be dead (that in itself is a whole other discussion right there), is there?

The ending of his performance was especially mind-blowing for me, when he disappeared on stage. The conditions for Tupac to manifest were no longer there and thus he was gone. But he could return again, as the media is speculating he will in the upcoming Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg tour.

This got me thinking even further. If this is possible with Tupac, couldn’t it be possible with us all? And does that mean we can’t really be ‘gone’ when we die? Couldn’t we create holograms of the dead and keep them with us? Would that still make those people ‘dead’?

What is dead anyway? And what does dead mean now that we have hologram technology?

One thing I am thankful for today is that modern science and technology are able to show us more and more about the true nature of the universe in all its manifestation and non-manifestation glory. Long may it continue, and in its continuity may it teach us enough about our minds that we all reach enlightenment faster than we ever could have imagined.

What did you think about the Tupac hologram?



* After I wrote this post an article came to my notice on NPR that suggests that someone could have acted as the body double for the Tupac form that they recreated. That kind of blows my thoughts on this whole thing out of the park so, forgive me if I spoke too soon. However, I still believe that even if they used a body double to create his hologram, some part of Tupac survives through it all, for he had to be manifested in the first place in order for him to be recreated and they couldn’t have just used any old person to be his body double or the hologram would be a joke. The important thing was that it was authentic enough to spook the audience, body double or no body double.

6 Responses to “Day 350 – The Manifestation and Non-Manifestation of Tupac”
  1. SteveA says:

    You are there with no death, no birth! Yes! I hope the book found its way into your hands, and it helped illuminate and expose these pervasive, painful and deeply powerful illusions. I need to re-read it about every 6 months or so, and sometimes I think that’s not often enough! LOL

    But again I will ask you a question instead of comment on your post:

    o Who is Tupac, really? Isn’t he the same being as you, and me, and aren’t we all manifesting/demanifesting constantly, co-arising/co-disintegrating all the time anyway? You speak of him as if he’s a separate self, independent of the we/it/all.

    All is one and it shines with the illuminative transformative spirit of light. We are suffused with it, we are it, and yet blind to it nearly all the time. I pray we may see the spirit in the horrible ugliness today with the same equanimity with which we see it flowering in its beautiful dazzling manner as well.


    • As always you get me thinking Steve! Interesting point about making him an ‘other’. I do love that book. Thank you! I haven’t finished reading it yet. It’s in my nightstand pile of the 5 books I tend to read all at once. Thay does nothing but get me back into the moment and interconnectedness of it all, which i love. I will have to think on this and reply to you in an email :) Namaste friend!

  2. Gilraen says:

    Technically it was not a hologram as that technique is not quite where it should be. On Gizmodo and other sites they are convinced it was CGI with a clever yet old magicians trick involving mirrors.

    But regardless is it was a great show a wonderful talking point. What they have achieved is beyond a gimmick. It will take augmented reality also a step further I think. It is a new tool that will be used in several places. And yes it blurrs the lines between reality and real life even further. Personally I find it very exciting.

  3. I hadn’t seen it (or heard of it). Obviously I live under a rock :-). That was really cool though!

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