Day 357 – The Freedom To Practice


Zencast 354 – Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation – Week 5

We become part of a lineage of people who have cultivated their bravery throughout history, people who, against enormous odds, have stayed open to great difficulties and painful situations and transformed them into the path of awakening. We will fall flat on our faces again and again, we will continue to feel inadequate, and we can use these experiences to wake up, just as they did. The lojong teachings give us the means to connect with the power of our lineage, the lineage of gentle warriorship.”

Start Where You Are by Pema Chödrön

I’m working hard to focus on my soft core these days. I no longer want to harden against life, to keep my emotions hostage while my ego rages on.

I want to stay open. I want to be free to hold my emotions to my heart as I move deeper into them rather than falling apart to escape them.

The question that I’ve been asking lately is how I should do this with people around me? People who want me to be happy. Who walk on tiptoes if they feel my emotions rising to the surface. People who don’t ask what’s happening when they feel something is wrong. People who don’t want to explore the depths of their mind or mine in the ways that I do.

I can imagine feeling freer to explore myself on retreat. I can imagine being lost in my own space with no one around to distract or consume me.  I guess that is why people go on retreat, to have the freedom to explore that which can be more difficult to explore when surrounded by others.

Whats your experience been? Have you ever been on retreat? Do you have problems practicing with your emotions with other people around?

I’d love to hear about your experiences/ thoughts!



One Response to “Day 357 – The Freedom To Practice”
  1. upayacouncil says:

    “The necessary and welcome economic growth within our Sangha, in the form of business operations and commercial and domestic investments, has brought along as a by—product an increasing frequency of disagreements and disputes. There is a need for our society to provide resources for the sane, nonagressive resolution of such conflicts in keeping with the principles of Dharma and the Great Eastern Sun. Accordingly I have decided to institute and appoint the Upaya Council. The function of the Upaya Council shall be to mediate and/or arbitrate commercial and domestic disputes among members of the Vajradhatu community, as individuals, groups, or businesses. It shall be the initial task of the Upaya Council to propose to me and my Privy Council a set of guidelines under which it shall operate. There shall be no internal hierarchy within the Upaya Council and each member shall have an equal voice; the findings of the Council shall be arrived at by unanimous consent.”

    ~ Vajracarya the Venerable Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche, Spring, 1979.

    Upaya Council

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