Day 358 – Faith in Unseen Forces


Zencast 355 – Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation – Week 6

There are a host of Unseen forces of nature supporting you. Keep the faith.Kute Blackson on Facebook

I was standing at the bus stop riding waves of emotion that were pulling me back to the depths of stillness within before raging up onto my shore. I wake up in this state these days. I wander around all day in this state. I go to sleep every night in this state. All with one thing on my mind that is strangling my present moment to death.

Hiding behind my sunglasses, I had to turn my iPod off because the music was acting like a strong wind whipping up the waves even further until the water was up to my neck making it hard for me to feel I could breathe. And this guy got off the bus.

He walked straight up to me and started to talk, but I couldn’t hear him over the sound of the ocean in my mind and the ear buds still firmly planted in my ears – my signal for ‘leave me the hell alone’. But I touched my soft spot and turned up the corners of my mouth in a smile before pulling the ear buds out. He asked me if I was going to buy a ticket on the bus or if I already had a card. I told him I was going to buy one as my hand grasped down upon the dollar bill and change I was holding, which felt like the only money I had in the world today.

He rummaged around in his coat pocket while offering me his all day pass card, which he said was valid until midnight. I relaxed and smiled and told him no thanks. I told him it would be better for him to find someone who really needed that ticket. I only had one ride to go for the day and I felt like it would be a waste.

And anyway, I thought to myself with a smiling heart, I’m good. I’m supported. I’m touching my soft spot and I have faith.

So, he turned and wandered away as tears prickled my eye lids, so thankful I felt for the compassion the universe was granting me today. He stood about for a few moments more talking to different people. Eventually, he found someone to take his card – someone who needed the support of a stranger today.

And I got on the next bus, dipping only my toes into the waves, and breathed all the way home.

When you can surrender to a moment of nonsurrender.. grace flows.Kute Blackson on Facebook



P.S. This is a fascinating article that I find to be one of the most important I’ve read on my path.

2 Responses to “Day 358 – Faith in Unseen Forces”
  1. SteveA says:

    Ah! Here we go, mindfulness yields compassion yields tears-within-joy?

    Now, can we just take it down a notch by viewing all of it with equanimity, all just phenomenon and not be so attached to or consumed by it? After all, all of this is temporary, and none of it defines us. Good, bad, ugly — there it is and we honor it as the expression it is…

    These words I write, they might sound like a teacher but they’re me talking to myself as much as to you. LOL


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