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    If you’re anything like me, first of all you’ll be asking who on earth Sid is. Well, he’s… Siddhartha Gautama of course :) Ahhh! I’ve been guffawing my way through the morning, instead of writing, having come across the blogs posts of Lodro Rinzler on the Interdependence Project and The Huffington Post. If you haven’t … Continue reading

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    Day 365 – The end is the beginning is the end is the beginning is the…

    The sunsets over new life that has yet to grow.

    Zencast 362 – Letting Go: Clinging and Peace First of all I want to thank you all, my readers, for going on this journey with me. I’ve had my ups and downs, the days when I couldn’t stop myself writing and other days when I wondered what on earth I was going to type here … Continue reading

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    Day 364 – No More Words

    The End

    Zencast 361 – Wise Action – Part 2 I’m sitting here wondering what to write for my second last post, and nothing is rising to the surface. It seems there are no more words. All I can tell you is that I’m doing the practice. I’m sitting every morning. I’m watching my mind. I’m noticing … Continue reading

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    Day 363 – Harnessing Resistance


    Zencast 360 – Wise Action – Part 1 As this project comes to a close things are coming full circle. Not only have I experienced death in the last couple of days (and during the last few days of this project), but I have renewed my life by harnessing resistance. I read The War of … Continue reading

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