What Would Sid Do?


If you’re anything like me, first of all you’ll be asking who on earth Sid is. Well, he’s… Siddhartha Gautama of course :) Ahhh!

I’ve been guffawing my way through the morning, instead of writing, having come across the blogs posts of Lodro Rinzler on the Interdependence Project and The Huffington Post. If you haven’t read any of his writing, I would highly recommend it (he’s the one running the Under 35 Project). He has also written a book called The Buddha Walks Into A Bar . I haven’t read it… yet, but here’s a book review for it at Precious Metal: The Blog. It’s definitely the next one on my reading list!

I love Lodro’s writing style, the humor he infuses into his posts and his down to earth teachings that incorporate all aspects of 21st century living onto the path. I especially love his posts called ‘The Buddha Freestyles” where he takes hip-hop lyrics and relates them to Buddhist teachings. You can check them out here.

I love to find new, inspiring teachers with a different point of view and wanted to share them with you too. Enjoy :)

May you be doing well!


P.S. Hope you had a Happy Vesak too!

P.P.S. This just in! President Obama declares his support for same sex marriage! Thank the President here for promoting love and compassion towards everyone instead of hatred and bigotry.


7 Responses to “What Would Sid Do?”
  1. upayacouncil says:

    “…as Shambhalians if we have something to offer we have to demonstrate that within our own community…”

    The Sakyong, Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche, Jampal Trinley Dradul, Osel Rangdrol Mukpo
    2010 Shambhala Day address
    14 February 2010
    Boulder, Colorado

    Upaya Council

  2. Yay you are back!!!! :-)

    • Lol! On occasion :) Hope you’re doing well!

      • I’ve missed your posts! :-). How are you?

      • Hehe! Aw. Well, I will post from time to time when I have something good to say or share. Right now I’m swamped with paying work so I can’t complain. Thankfully I’ve finished this blog because I don’t have enough time right now to write! It’s terrible! Otherwise, good. What about you? :)

      • That’s wonderful that you have lots of work on! :-).

        Actually I am both good and bad at the moment :-). Good – I have met someone lovely. Bad – it’s caused all my mindfulness to go out the window! Can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t think :-).

        I’m tortured.

        I’m hoping I can pull it back together again.

      • That’s wonderful! And I know exactly how you feel! Torturous! I’m sure you can. Just keep trying again :) Glad to hear things are good!

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