Day 354 – Dear Heart

Dear Heart

Zencast 351 – Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation – Week 2 Dear Heart, I am here for you. I know you are suffering, but please remember I am still here. Even though you had a great day at work, made new friends and generally spread happiness and joy as much as you could, I know that … Continue reading

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Day 343 – Turning the Page


Zencast 340 – Quiet Your Mind and Live Fully I did my best to make friends with anger, frustration, impatience and sadness today. They washed over me like waves on the beach, but I kept speaking to them, telling them I was there for them and that I recognized their presence. And then the feelings … Continue reading

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Day 331 – The Walking Dead


Zencast 328 – Four Noble Truths – Part 1 There are whole parts of ourselves that are so unwanted that whenever they begin to come up we run away. – Pema Chodron “Start Where You Are“ Some people live as though they are already dead. There are people moving around us who are consumed by … Continue reading

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Day 316 – The Choice To Practice


Zencast 313 – Mindfulness of Emotion I got in the returns line at The Home Depot with the adjustable door wedge thing I had bought the day before in the hopes it would help keep the bugs out. It didn’t fit the door frame so I was back to square one. At least it had … Continue reading

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