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    Winter trees

    I have time to write this post because I’m waiting for the house to heat up. It’s currently 81 degrees and I need it to be at least 90 in here so that I can practice Bikram yoga. I don’t normally practice at home, but then I’m not normally so absent-minded. It’s funny how one … Continue reading

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    Third Time’s A Charm


    Well, not quite! I still found Bikram a challenge today, although I did only have to lie down once. I found some of the poses easier than in the previous two classes, and others I had previously found easy felt almost impossible this afternoon. It’s interesting to experience how my body and mind change over … Continue reading

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    Day 4: Sleep is underrated.


    Too much fun and not enough sleep has caught up with me. I’m full of the flu and knew it the minute I woke up as my throat felt like sand paper and I coughed my way into lotus position to meditate. I tried to get up at 6am, which is my daily goal for … Continue reading

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    Day 355 – New Day, New Epiphany


    Zencast 352 – Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation – Week 3 I turned a corner at some point between last night and this morning. It’s as if some of the teachings finally sank deeper into my heart and my mind. The heaviness lifted. The sorrow shrank and when anger arose I tended to it instead of … Continue reading

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