Day 350 – The Manifestation and Non-Manifestation of Tupac


Zencast 347 – Law of Karma If you haven’t already seen this video, then you’re probably one of the few people who hasn’t. This video has been circulating everywhere and is one hot topic of the moment. Check it out here if you have no idea what I’m talking about. Why has this event created … Continue reading

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Day 349 – I’m Empty


Zencast 346 – Recognizing Emptiness Tonight I’m empty of answers. Empty of excuses. Empty of reasoning and understanding. Empty of stories, and almost even of questions. There comes a time when you simply have to accept and let go. During these times I take solace in a growing list of quotes that remind me I’m … Continue reading

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Day 309 – A Part or Apart of the world I never made?


Zencast 306 – Intro To Zen “I, a stranger, and afraid, in a world I never made.” – A.E. Housman What does it take to feel a part of this world, this planet, this universe? Can we feel a part of this world or are the majority of us doomed to forever feel a stranger, … Continue reading

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Day 307 – Hanging out under the tree of englightenment.

golden Buddha

Zencast 304 – The Awakened Heart Jack Kornfield told what I found to be a very inspiring story in today’s podcast. It was the story of the folk Buddha statue made of clay, which was made 700 – 800 years ago. Over the years many people went to perform Puja at the popular clay Buddha. … Continue reading

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