Day 2 – Facing The Mountain

Facing The Mountain

Day 2 I’m facing the mountain with bravery as I sit down on my cushion every evening and morning time. My head still swarms with passing thoughts, clouding my concentration, but I find it much easier to catch myself doing this. I’m much faster at bringing myself back to the practice when I get momentarily … Continue reading

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Day 352 – I am the Problem AND the Solution


Zencast 349 – Taking Refuge I wrote to my mom about the stuff that’s been bothering me lately and I guess it lifted a weight off my mind or something. In doing that, an epiphany popped into my mind today as I was driving home from the Bass Pro Shop after buying rain gear for … Continue reading

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Day 343 – Turning the Page


Zencast 340 – Quiet Your Mind and Live Fully I did my best to make friends with anger, frustration, impatience and sadness today. They washed over me like waves on the beach, but I kept speaking to them, telling them I was there for them and that I recognized their presence. And then the feelings … Continue reading

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Day 342 – Day of the Dead


Zencast 339 – Intention and Karma We went on a walking ghost tour tonight. Savannah is the most haunted city in America according to those in the know. I’m not much of a medium or psychic, but there was definitely a presence in the air. I even touched the most haunted building in Savannah and … Continue reading

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