Winter trees

I have time to write this post because I’m waiting for the house to heat up. It’s currently 81 degrees and I need it to be at least 90 in here so that I can practice Bikram yoga. I don’t normally practice at home, but then I’m not normally so absent-minded. It’s funny how one … Continue reading

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Day 3: A Little Goes A Long Way

Traveling Ladybug

My first night of ‘forgetting’ to meditate nearly took place last night. As I lay in bed with the covers pulled up around my chin, I wondered if it counted if I did my meditation lying down. I didn’t want to sit up in bed and shiver through metta. Thankfully, I remembered that Gil Fronsdal … Continue reading

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Day 339 – I get by with a little help.


Zencast 336 – Loving Kindness – Part 4 I have been staring out into the backyard lately thinking about how desperately it needs me to start raking and mowing and generally cleaning up. I haven’t even touched the backyard since I moved in at the end of December. I bought a rake and some brown … Continue reading

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Day 338 – The Raccoon In My Backyard


Zencast 335 – Loving Kindness – Part 3 I really do live in my own bubble a lot of the time. I go about my life and my business with an idea of the world around me that often ends up to be as far from the truth as you can get. Take today for … Continue reading

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