Day 6: Angela Dreams of Meditation


I didn’t meditation again today because I haven’t officially gotten out of bed yet. While, I feel worse that yesterday, I did get the chance to laze around watching fascinating documentaries on Netflix. One of these was Jiro Dreams of Sushi, which is a brilliant lesson on daily meditation. If you haven’t already seen it, … Continue reading

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Day 349 – I’m Empty


Zencast 346 – Recognizing Emptiness Tonight I’m empty of answers. Empty of excuses. Empty of reasoning and understanding. Empty of stories, and almost even of questions. There comes a time when you simply have to accept and let go. During these times I take solace in a growing list of quotes that remind me I’m … Continue reading

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Day 340 – The Question Games


Zencast 337 – Nothing Left Out I just finished watching The Hunger Games. I didn’t read the book before hand, or know much about the story. I simply knew some people who worked on the film (parts of it were filmed in Georgia) and then got a rundown of the plot from my sister-in-law before … Continue reading

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Day 318 – The Flaws are The Jewels of The Practice


Zencast 315 – The Gifts of Retreat Practice While talking about the benefits of retreat practice in today’s podcast, Gil said that meditation begins when it doesn’t work because then you get a chance to look at yourself and ask why it isn’t working. Why do I always feel as if I’m hearing this point … Continue reading

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