Day 362 – A Shovel and Some Flowers

Rest In Peace

Zencast 359 – Wise Speech My niece named her Chloe and I watched her die. I’d like to think it was the Tonglen Practice the finally allowed her to move on, but it was still painful, full of suffering and blood. Her cries seemed to get louder when I left the room to check the … Continue reading

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Day 353 – Lost in Golf


Zencast 350 – Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation – Week 1 The air whipped around us, birds chirped in the trees, grass rustled along the edges of the green, and my mind slipped in and out of mindful awareness. It was a wonderful moment of Zen golf. Or was it? It was great to be out … Continue reading

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Day 348 – At War


Zencast 345 – Four Noble Truths and The Eight Fold Path Of course we have difficulties in our relationships, with our families, with society. But we also have difficulties in our relations with ourselves. Our tendency is to believe that while things are not going well outside of us, everything is just fine within ourselves. … Continue reading

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Day 333 – Forget World Peace. Try Home Peace.

Home Peace

Zencast 330 – Four Noble Truths – Part 3 I need to let go of the story I attach to the end of my meditation. This is the thought that jumped into my brain this afternoon as I meditated with the help of Kelsang Nyema. She was back in Savannah giving us a talk on … Continue reading

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