Day 322 – Meta Head

Meta Head

Zencast 319 – Loving Kindness I made a couple of enemies on my last job. That was a bit unusual for me. Normally I get along with everyone and other than these two people, this job was not the exception. Except that these two people made it one. However, the experience of not being liked … Continue reading

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Day 321 – Running with Good Intentions

good intentions

Zencast 318 – Intention and Karma Just when I think I’ll never get another job. Just when I think I’ll never meet another love. Just when I think I’ll never get anywhere closer to the career of my dreams. Just when I think I’ll never meditate again… I get that phone call, that email, that … Continue reading

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Day 317 – Making It Happen


Zencast 314 – The Insight Retreat Center It’s late. Far too late in fact. Way later than I would have chosen to stay up tonight if I wasn’t making it happen… I’ve applied for about 15 jobs in the last 8 hours. Thankfully most of them were similar so I didn’t have to write too … Continue reading

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Day 314 – Accept and Start Small


Zencast 311 – Mindfulness, Compassion, Liberation It’s 10:39 and I’m tired. More tired than I’ve been at 10:39 for a long time. What changed? What events took place today that have left me drained and unable to think of the blog post I planned out in my head earlier? (When will I learn to write … Continue reading

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