Dreaming BIG

Mondo Beyondo Dream Big

I wrote an email of gratitude and admiration to Gil Fronsdal to say thanks for all he has done for me by sharing his teachings (and the teachings of others) free through Zencast. I knew exactly what to write, although it took me several months to realize he was the person I admired that I wanted to write to. Hopefully now that I’ve done that I can finally finish this Mondo Beyondo course. It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed it, but that I just haven’t had enough time to spend putting the time and effort into the lessons that I feel is worthy of them.

It’s never to late to continue though! It’s also never to late to tell someone you admire how much they mean to you. Do it today!


I’m doing my best to trust my open heart.


My Core Values:






This is what I’m trying to work with on this blog. Call me out if you think my core values are getting lost in the surface values!


This is full of brilliant advice for dreaming BIG!


I’m participating in Mondo Beyondo starting today and will be dreaming large for the next five weeks. I have no idea what will come up, what I will do or what challenges I will face, but if I’m so inclined I’ll post work I’ve done here as part of my practice.

More to come…

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