Day 344 – Trusting Perfection

The Wishing Table

Zencast 341 – Investigating Desire In Buddhist practice, insight is sometimes deep, sometimes shallow, but the awareness copes effortlessly. Zen Graffiti via Buddhism Now on Facebook I had a lot of insights today. I thought a lot. In many ways it was the worst thing to do, but it released some long pent-up emotion and … Continue reading

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Day 340 – The Question Games


Zencast 337 – Nothing Left Out I just finished watching The Hunger Games. I didn’t read the book before hand, or know much about the story. I simply knew some people who worked on the film (parts of it were filmed in Georgia) and then got a rundown of the plot from my sister-in-law before … Continue reading

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Day 329 – Sugar High, Unhappy Low


Zencast 326 – The Natural Law of Cause and Effect I thought I’d get back into exercise today after realizing that my poor sleeping patterns are related to my lack of exercise. I got changed and got jumping only a half an hour after eating nearly a whole packet of skittles and drinking 3/4 of … Continue reading

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Day 324 – The Ease of The Day


Zencast 321 – The Book of Eights Today could have been hectic, agitating, strenuous. It could have been a long, drawn-out, tortuous affair. But, it wasn’t. Jordi was sweet and full of stories. She told me about the pink ducks she saw swimming in the lake. She asked me to help her balance on various … Continue reading

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