Day 291 – I can’t get no sleep.

no sleep

Zencast 288 – Joy & It’s Causes I didn’t think I would be able to sleep the first night staying in my new place. Turns out I was right, but for all the wrong reasons. I got sick. I’m talking REALLY sick. I’m talking sit at home all day staring at mindless television, sipping Gatorade, … Continue reading

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Day 282 – Gas Pedal Meditation

After the bells

Zencast 279 – Meditation & Emotional Security I drove to Athens, GA for New Year’s Eve 2011. I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do or whether it would turn out to have been worth the four-hour drive there and back. Thankfully, it was well worth it and not just because of … Continue reading

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Day 208 – Attention Deficit


Zencast 208 – Attention My mind’s all over the place. It’s in the past one minute, the future the next and then I get handed work to do that slams me back into the present. Even listening to this podcast today, I spent more time dreaming and wandering around the world-wide web than focusing on … Continue reading

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Day 113 – Big Sky Mind

Big Sky Mind

Zencast 112 – Intermediate Mindfulness Class 3 My meditation opened up with big sky mind today. Whenever I looked up at my third eye all I could see was blue, everywhere, stretching out into all corners of my mind and not a single cloud could be seen. I managed to meditate for 25 minutes today, … Continue reading

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