Day 344 – Trusting Perfection

The Wishing Table

Zencast 341 – Investigating Desire In Buddhist practice, insight is sometimes deep, sometimes shallow, but the awareness copes effortlessly. Zen Graffiti via Buddhism Now on Facebook I had a lot of insights today. I thought a lot. In many ways it was the worst thing to do, but it released some long pent-up emotion and … Continue reading

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Day 317 – Making It Happen


Zencast 314 – The Insight Retreat Center It’s late. Far too late in fact. Way later than I would have chosen to stay up tonight if I wasn’t making it happen… I’ve applied for about 15 jobs in the last 8 hours. Thankfully most of them were similar so I didn’t have to write too … Continue reading

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Day 312 – After Two Days of Forgetting To Sit.


Zencast 309 – What The Buddha Taught When the dishes are done and the bills paid. When the bathroom is clean and the living room vacuumed. When the mail is sorted through and the trash taken out. When I sit down and finally take a breath. Only then will I realize. Only then will I … Continue reading

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Day 267 – A new home and a flat tyre.

flat tyre

Zencast 264 – The Path To Freedom The path to freedom cannot be found in: Gluten-free brownies Eyelash tinting A new pair of light-wash denim jeans An eco-friendly car The latest Nikon camera and lenses available at Target for about $600 A cup of passion tea (although it gets me the closest) More sleep More … Continue reading

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