Day 337 – A spoonful of loving kindness.


Zencast 334 – Loving Kindness – Part 4 I’m creating in the kitchen. Okay, I lie, I’m hardly creating. I’m simply following recipes, but I am cooking again and that is the main point. My folks are arriving in town in about 3 hours. I’ve been working as hard as I can to get the … Continue reading

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Day 108 – Let’s see how far we’ve come.


Zencast 109 – Practicing Happiness Sometimes I catch myself in a moment of mindfulness that reveals to me just how far I’ve come in these 108 days. While it may feel like I’m taking tiny baby steps along the way, those steps do add up to large changes. Take today for instance. It was busy, … Continue reading

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Day 13 – Baby Steps

Open up, accept all, let the light in.

Zencast 13 – Intro to Meditation Class 5 I believe I actually managed to meditate in full awareness for ten minutes today before any emotions and reactions came up to challenge my practice. As it’s easy to forget, and like the Buddha has said, each drip fills the bucket; each drip fills the bath. These … Continue reading

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