Day 54 – Mara, I see you…

Mara I see you...

Zencast 54 – The Dhammapada Chapters 21 – 24 Chapter 21 – Miscellaneous I don’t think I’ve ever sought happiness by hurting others. I have, however, subjected others to pain in order that I did not suffer alone. Which is worse? Whatever the answer, I’m just glad that now I am aware and can work … Continue reading

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Day 53 – Musings on the Dhammapada Part 5

Reclining Buddha

Zencast 53 – The Dhammapada Chapters 17 – 20 Chapter 17 – Anger This article highlights all the reasons I practice Buddhism. The brave woman interviewed in this article is breaking the cycles of hatred, ignorance and suffering that have been continuing for too long. If only more of us could be so brave and … Continue reading

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Day 52 – Musings on the Dhammapada Part 4

Been around the world...

Zencast 52 – The Dhammapada Chapters 13 – 16 Chapter 13 – The World I’ve traveled the world from an early age – so much so that I’m kind of done with traveling while at the same time unable to stop. I’ve been to so many places, seen so many things, experienced so many cultures, … Continue reading

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Day 51 – Musings on the Dhammapada Part 3


Zencast 51 – The Dhammapada Chapters 9 – 12 Chapter 9 – Evil This film is a favorite of mine. I know a lot of viewers didn’t enjoy it, but for me it was a visual representation of the connections between all of us. It reminded me of the chaos theory/ butterfly effect: the idea … Continue reading

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