Day 349 – I’m Empty


Zencast 346 – Recognizing Emptiness Tonight I’m empty of answers. Empty of excuses. Empty of reasoning and understanding. Empty of stories, and almost even of questions. There comes a time when you simply have to accept and let go. During these times I take solace in a growing list of quotes that remind me I’m … Continue reading

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Day 333 – Forget World Peace. Try Home Peace.

Home Peace

Zencast 330 – Four Noble Truths – Part 3 I need to let go of the story I attach to the end of my meditation. This is the thought that jumped into my brain this afternoon as I meditated with the help of Kelsang Nyema. She was back in Savannah giving us a talk on … Continue reading

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Day 318 – The Flaws are The Jewels of The Practice


Zencast 315 – The Gifts of Retreat Practice While talking about the benefits of retreat practice in today’s podcast, Gil said that meditation begins when it doesn’t work because then you get a chance to look at yourself and ask why it isn’t working. Why do I always feel as if I’m hearing this point … Continue reading

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Day 303 – Nadam – Listening for the Unstruck Sound


Zencast 300 – Listening Now is the time to turn my weekend warrior into my weekly warrior; I’m out on my own in the world with a new mission of becoming the best yogi I can be. I’ve sung devotionals, prostrated before the altar, bent and twisted my body every which way. I’ve done way … Continue reading

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