Day 326 – Day of Truths

Admit the truth

Zencast 323 – The Four Noble Truths My four noble truths today are: 1. I am tired. 2. I am spent. 3. I am blue. 4. Everything in this moment is okay. Sometimes you’ve just got to admit the truth and sit with it until it changes into another truth. May you have a blessed … Continue reading

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Day 313 – This is not working.


Zencast 310 – The Journey of Practice I feel myself unraveling, but I have no idea who’s pulling the thread. I stood outside my house for about 15 minutes a short while ago, shaking, hyperventilating, wondering how I was ever going to do this on my own. I had run out of the house at … Continue reading

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Day 294 – The Promise of The Cushion


Zencast 291 – What Are We Not Conscious Of I was fussy and unhelpful this morning when my brother needed his car charger from the car, which he lent me last night. I didn’t want to have to get up, run outside into the cold and see if it was really there just to find … Continue reading

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Day 280 – Self-ing


Zencast 277 – Anatta This morning I was calm, emotionally distant and calculated. By lunch time I was sleepy, stressed out and irritated. This evening I’m joyful, relaxed and thoughtful. In the morning I believed I could cope. In the afternoon all seemed pointless and doomed. This evening I feel centered again and at peace … Continue reading

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