Day 332 – Doubting the End

The End

Zencast 329 – Four Noble Truths – Part 2 “Dear one, I am really here for you.” – Thich Nhat Hanh ‘You Are Here‘ I’m sitting with myself, my tender heart, my bruised ego. I’m sitting talking myself down off the writing ledge where I give up everything and forget my dreams. I took a … Continue reading

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Day 269 – The Musical Notes of Failure


Zencast 266 – Buddhist Training One of the functions of Buddhist training is so you can fail it. – Gil Fronsdal The practice of anything takes time and lots of repetition. It’s a slow process of inclining the mind to learn new habits so that sooner or later the practice becomes as perfect as you … Continue reading

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Day 251 – Every Ending Is A New Beginning


Zencast 248 – What The Buddha Taught On Love I’ve experienced a lot of endings recently: The end of my job and time in Oman. The end of a period in my life when I could write when I wanted, drive where I wanted when I wanted, and basically be very selfish about my wants … Continue reading

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