Winter trees

I have time to write this post because I’m waiting for the house to heat up. It’s currently 81 degrees and I need it to be at least 90 in here so that I can practice Bikram yoga. I don’t normally practice at home, but then I’m not normally so absent-minded. It’s funny how one … Continue reading

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Day 3: A Little Goes A Long Way

Traveling Ladybug

My first night of ‘forgetting’ to meditate nearly took place last night. As I lay in bed with the covers pulled up around my chin, I wondered if it counted if I did my meditation lying down. I didn’t want to sit up in bed and shiver through metta. Thankfully, I remembered that Gil Fronsdal … Continue reading

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Day 352 – I am the Problem AND the Solution


Zencast 349 – Taking Refuge I wrote to my mom about the stuff that’s been bothering me lately and I guess it lifted a weight off my mind or something. In doing that, an epiphany popped into my mind today as I was driving home from the Bass Pro Shop after buying rain gear for … Continue reading

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Day 341 – A Perfect Day


Zencast 338 – The Simplicity of Practice Today was the perfect day for practice. There was family, a beach outing, organization, food preparation and travel logistics to wade through. There was high emotion, drama, frustration and a little bit of anger. What more could I have needed to get my practice on better this Easter … Continue reading

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