Day 347 – Priceless


Zencast 344 – Q&A The opposite of faith is not doubt, but certainty. – Anne Lamott Lindsey over at A Design So Vast blew me away with several of her posts today. I was catching up on my inbox reading and man did I need to hear what she had to write. You can check … Continue reading

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Day 218 – Dreaming BIG


Zencast 216 – The Sound Of Silence There really is no way to know or fully comprehend the master plan that is life as it opens itself out in front of us. So, why do I struggle everyday to do just that? As you may have noticed I’m taking part in the Fall 2011 session … Continue reading

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Day 208 – Attention Deficit


Zencast 208 – Attention My mind’s all over the place. It’s in the past one minute, the future the next and then I get handed work to do that slams me back into the present. Even listening to this podcast today, I spent more time dreaming and wandering around the world-wide web than focusing on … Continue reading

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Day 170 – Bare Foot and Present

Bare feet

Zencast 170 – Learning to Listen Deeply Some of my fondest memories of my childhood days spent in Africa are those filled with presence. I spent many a morning or afternoon sitting on the steps or our khondie (porch), or walking over the dusty soil and sparse grass of our garden, feeling the ground beneath … Continue reading

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