A Bikram High

Winter Trees at Sunset

I’m floating through the days at the moment. Even when things get stressful and too much to handle I pretty much take so long to react that the situations solve themselves or simply pass me by. I can only attribute this to Bikram now that I’m on day 18 of my 60 day challenge. Being … Continue reading

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Day 343 – Turning the Page


Zencast 340 – Quiet Your Mind and Live Fully I did my best to make friends with anger, frustration, impatience and sadness today. They washed over me like waves on the beach, but I kept speaking to them, telling them I was there for them and that I recognized their presence. And then the feelings … Continue reading

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Day 328 – Chasing Happiness


Zencast 325 – Investigating Happiness There are ways of being and thinking and doing that get me into my head and drive me slowly crazy. It often relates back to my lack of acceptance for the way things are in the moment. However, I’ve gotten to a stage in my life where it’s easier for … Continue reading

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Day 323 – Spread The Joy


Zencast 320 – Making Peace Among All Happiness. I seem to have a lot of that right now. And it grows by the day. Everywhere I look I’m being told how to find it: The more you can be happy for another’s success the more you open yourself to receiving the same. – Kute Blackson … Continue reading

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