Day 6: Angela Dreams of Meditation


I didn’t meditation again today because I haven’t officially gotten out of bed yet. While, I feel worse that yesterday, I did get the chance to laze around watching fascinating documentaries on Netflix. One of these was Jiro Dreams of Sushi, which is a brilliant lesson on daily meditation. If you haven’t already seen it, … Continue reading

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Day 4: Sleep is underrated.

Too much fun and not enough sleep has caught up with me. I’m full of the flu and knew it the minute I woke up as my throat felt like sand paper and I coughed my way into lotus position to meditate. I tried to get up at 6am, which is my daily goal for … Continue reading

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Day 361 – Wish I knew what to do.


Zencast 358 – Three Ways of Understanding The Path I’m sitting here, but I’m not alone for a change. Chloe is with me. She’s lying, half awake, half asleep, with blood dripping from her bottom. We though we’d lost her this afternoon when my sister-in-law couldn’t find her in the backyard, but when we got … Continue reading

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Day 260 – In A Moment


Zencast 257 – Healing Everything slowed right down except my heart beat, which I could feel pumping almost out of my chest. My vision went inward. I was no longer aware of the desk or wall in front of me. All I could see was a vague sandy colored blue light. Her voice continued, but … Continue reading

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