Day 338 – The Raccoon In My Backyard


Zencast 335 – Loving Kindness – Part 3 I really do live in my own bubble a lot of the time. I go about my life and my business with an idea of the world around me that often ends up to be as far from the truth as you can get. Take today for … Continue reading

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Day 218 – Dreaming BIG


Zencast 216 – The Sound Of Silence There really is no way to know or fully comprehend the master plan that is life as it opens itself out in front of us. So, why do I struggle everyday to do just that? As you may have noticed I’m taking part in the Fall 2011 session … Continue reading

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Day 212 – Looking back down the road of life.


Zencast 212 – Dependent Co-Arising Most times things don’t work out the way we plan. Things happen we can’t foresee. Sometimes things don’t make sense. Then we take a deeper look back into our past and realize that things happened because that was the path we were on. Those things got us to now and … Continue reading

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Day 51 – Musings on the Dhammapada Part 3


Zencast 51 – The Dhammapada Chapters 9 – 12 Chapter 9 – Evil This film is a favorite of mine. I know a lot of viewers didn’t enjoy it, but for me it was a visual representation of the connections between all of us. It reminded me of the chaos theory/ butterfly effect: the idea … Continue reading

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