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  • Day 344 – Trusting Perfection

    The Wishing Table

    Zencast 341 – Investigating Desire In Buddhist practice, insight is sometimes deep, sometimes shallow, but the awareness copes effortlessly. Zen Graffiti via Buddhism Now on Facebook I had a lot of insights today. I thought a lot. In many ways it was the worst thing to do, but it released some long pent-up emotion and … Continue reading

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    Day 287 – Time Out

    Time Out

    Zencast 284 – Letting Go I was still shaking a good fifteen minutes after my first time out intervention with my niece. I questioned whether I had made the right decision putting her in time out. I wondered if I had given her enough warning. It didn’t feel good doing it, but my gut instinct … Continue reading

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    Day 261 – The Goal Is The Means

    letting go and picking up

    Zencast 258 – Letting Go and Picking Up I want to be a writer, but I end up doing the dishes and sweeping the floor. I want to be a yogini, but I take one class then life gets distracting and before I know it I haven’t been for a month. I want to be … Continue reading

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    Day 245 – Shanti Om

    Shanti Om

    Zencast 242 – Evaluating Your Practice As instructed by Kelsang Nyema, I’ve been ‘dropping it like it’s hot’ all day long. And to be perfectly honest, it’s felt wonderful. Every obsessive thought, delusional storyline, mean-spirited opinion fell to the floor and crunched under my Vibram-ed feet like the fallen leaves that surround me. This meant … Continue reading

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