Day 253 – The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room

Zencast 250 – Introduction to Meditation – Class 2 I walked in. To my left was a man sitting, waiting. To my right a couple sat filling in forms as their male friend looked on. Straight ahead sat a woman, not unlike myself, avoiding eye contact with the room. I headed first to the desk, … Continue reading

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Day 161 – Suffering isn’t enough.


Zencast 161 – Ten Perfections Today is the 2nd anniversary of the death of my sister-in-law’s little brother. He died tragically and young. I hardly knew him, but from what I’ve learned he was full of life, laughter and excitement about the future possibilities for his life. His death was significant for me, although I … Continue reading

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Day 127 – Distracted Awareness

Lazy Drive

Zencast 126 – Awareness Practices for Home, Work and Play: Qualities of a Good Human Being It’s been one of those days: Mom and I were about to head off to the store to pick up some much-needed groceries. As I was throwing out the trash she backed into another one of our cars, scratching … Continue reading

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Day 122 – Don’t wait!


Zencast 121 – Clarity It’s clear to me that a spiritual journey, such as one practicing Buddhism, opens up the road towards accepting life and death without having to wait for the death sentence of AIDS or the terminal diagnosis of cancer to suddenly appreciate life and realize what really matters to you. For many … Continue reading

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