Day 2 – Facing The Mountain

Facing The Mountain

Day 2 I’m facing the mountain with bravery as I sit down on my cushion every evening and morning time. My head still swarms with passing thoughts, clouding my concentration, but I find it much easier to catch myself doing this. I’m much faster at bringing myself back to the practice when I get momentarily … Continue reading

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Day 337 – A spoonful of loving kindness.


Zencast 334 – Loving Kindness – Part 4 I’m creating in the kitchen. Okay, I lie, I’m hardly creating. I’m simply following recipes, but I am cooking again and that is the main point. My folks are arriving in town in about 3 hours. I’ve been working as hard as I can to get the … Continue reading

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Day 322 – Meta Head

Meta Head

Zencast 319 – Loving Kindness I made a couple of enemies on my last job. That was a bit unusual for me. Normally I get along with everyone and other than these two people, this job was not the exception. Except that these two people made it one. However, the experience of not being liked … Continue reading

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Day 160 – She’s back!


Zencast 160 – Loving Kindness – Part 4 She’s back. My next door neighbors’ daughter. I know because she woke me up f-ing and blinding at her mother this afternoon. Her room sits behind the wall of my room and I’ve lived through several vacations over two years in which all of a sudden there … Continue reading

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