Third Time’s A Charm


Well, not quite! I still found Bikram a challenge today, although I did only have to lie down once. I found some of the poses easier than in the previous two classes, and others I had previously found easy felt almost impossible this afternoon. It’s interesting to experience how my body and mind change over … Continue reading

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Day 360 – Restraint

I'm a sucker for a stray.

Zencast 357 – Walking Meditation I’m definitely holding back right now. I won’t let myself get too happy. I try not to let myself get too sad. I’m figuring out how to maneuver through this new space in which I have no job and nothing yet on the horizon. I’m counting my pennies, wondering how … Continue reading

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Day 335 – The Wisdom of April Fools


Zencast 332 – Offering & Allowing You didn’t really think I would quit, did you? :) APRIL FOOLS! I admit, my post was rather late (into April 2nd) for an April Fools joke, but I couldn’t resist and I thought it would be a great lesson for us all. My April Fools jokes are normally … Continue reading

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Day 320 – Hired!


Zencast 317 – The Context of Mindfulness I got a job today. It starts tomorrow. I don’t know what time or where yet, just that I have to be there 12 hours a day until March 13th. It’s going to be quite a jump going from no work to a work schedule like that. But … Continue reading

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